SeaCart 26 Multi Cup 2014

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If you want to promote your business and maximize media impact, consider this fact: Having your own team racing on the five month long SeaCart 26 Multi Cup, costs about the same as one full-page insert in a Swedish morning paper.

Of course there are many ways to reach your target groups but if your branding strategy includes entertaining clients, leads, employees and future employees in a sporty environment we definitely have a fresh and exclusive platform that stands out on the market. It might be a secret but the industry prospect sailing to be one of the most cost effective sponsor platforms there is as it’s operates within an emerging market. The good news is that you get more bang for the buck in sailing – you have to spend less to differ and stand out. 

Media includes TV shows from top venues in Sweden as well as ProAm days at each Grand Prix. Running over a five-month period make sure there is plenty of time to plan and execute you plans to maximize the investment outcome. The platform have all the ingredients to provide Racing Teams, Partners and Sponsors with powerful tools to fulfill their ROI expectations. In all we stand out as one of the finest and cost effective turnkey sailing series in Scandinavia.

SeaCart 26 (SC26) Multi Cup (MC) 2014 Schedule
MC GP 1 . SC26 T1 . Lidingö Runt . May 10–11
MC GP 2 . SC26 T2 . Ornö Runt . May 24
MC GP 3 . SC26 R1 . Sandhamn Open . June 6–8
……………SC26 R2 . Big Boat Cup . June 14
MC GP 4 . Midnight Sun Raid, Luleå . July 3–5
MC GP 5 . SC26 R3 . MultiCup Revenge . August  29–31
MC GP 6 . Nynäshamn GP . September 12–14
MC GP 7 . SC26 R4 . Stockholm Sailing Grand Prix . September 19–21
Point system on evaluation / T= Tune Up / R = Race / Schedule may be adjusted / Rev. April 7

The SeaCart 26 Multi Cup 2014
Multi Cup 2014 consists of seven GP’s. The points from the four best races is calculated for the total result in the SeaCart 26 class. GP 7 (SC26 R4) is a must do GP. The day prior to all events is open for ProAm sailing. Multi Cup 2014 information folder you find here, ready to be downloaded!

Now it’s time to get involved! Build your own racing team or sponsor a team. Contact Calle Hennix at Oceanlake Marine AB. Phone +46 (0)70 742 84 66 or email

Get more information about the Multi Cup opportunities. Contact Klabbe Nylöf at Whyshore Event & Marketing. Phone +46 (0)703 347 24 46 or email

Proof of concept; See what sailors, partners and media have to say about the Multi Cup 2012 edition – Click here to read online

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Caribbean Sessions 2014

The SeaCart 26 team have a boat in a 40 ft container on it’s way to the Caribbean. To shake the winter chill out of our systems we have two regattas scheduled; the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta 34 and the 3:rd Les Voiles de St Barth. The Bucket Regatta at St. Barth or/and the BVI Spring regatta is also in our minds. Feel free to make an acquisition for a thorough check out or test sail around the regattas. Keep safe and see you where the palm trees rules!

The SeaCart 26 Racing Team

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Shipping in a 40 ft Container

Packing a SeaCart 26 trimaran might look hard but are in fact quite simple. To fit the height and beam inside a standard 40 ft container* we have to 1) remove the beams and trampolines 2) turn the floats so they face front to stern of the mainhull. The hard passage is through the container doors – after those it get spacier.

Storage: Centre boards, rudder heads are stored under the large hatch in the cockpit. Rudder foils, boom and long pool (with tiller extensions on) connecting each rudder head are fit inside the cockpit and through the mast step bulkhead hole leading into the forward compartment. Sails, battens is stored on the cockpit floor. Fenders etc. inside the forward compartment which you enter through the forward deck hatch. Mast goes on top of the mainhull on flat fenders to keep the height as low as possible.

Below pictures of the process and step to step comments. Enjoy!

Port float is removed by disconnect the four beam bolts, nuts and washers. Bolt on a piece of wood where the float use to sit. We used the same bolt kit as for the floats (guess we where lucky). Two persons easily carry one side that includes; two beams, trampoline and connector wood. Remove the four (4) hinge pins and tie the two hinge around the beam (don’t disconnect them from the beam). This make it easier to assamble at destination.

No need to use fancy carts. The floats can be on the ground – when loading just turn the mainhull and road trailer 180 degrees and load. Note that the soft material which the floats rests on in road driving mode (top picture)  is changed to wood cradles on each side of the mainhull. This is not a must, you can keep the soft material and strap the float to the mainhull. Move the mast forward so the trailer hit the container back wall first. It’s a nice feature that the mast fit inside the container in one piece. The trailer rear light panel was removed and tied on the trailer side under the mainhull.

Then roll the beauty inside the container slow and foremost straight at the centerline. We had carpet protecting the float sides at loading. Four straps was used to secure the trailer, two in the back and two in the front lined forward and backwards to the container floor hooks. Then we moved the front of the mast to the right hand side of the opening to make room for the two beam and trampoline kits. We fitted a strap around the mast from side to side attached to the container roof half way up the mast. Make sure you have plenty of soft materials at hand, like styrofoam (white stuff on pictures), carpets (blue stuff on pictures). We used in total 8 straps and one 4:1 handybilly + a few ropes.

Road trailer and boat in the background, hand brake is on. Beam and trampoline kit’s to the right.

Beam, trampolines and mast secured just inside the container doors. Now we just have to close the door and wave goodbye!

*Standard 40 ft Container. Door: Height 2,28m, Width 2,34m. Inside: Height 2,39m, Width 2,35m, Length 12,03m.


Season’s Greetings 2013

2014 will be an exciting year as the SeaCart 26 OD Multi Cup take place for the third year. The Multi Cup is open for national and international teams looking for an One Design Cup having tight Grand Prix races at fantastic sailing venues in Sweden. With that said we wish you a successful 2014 and we look forward to welcome you into the SeaCart community!

Link to the SeaCart 26 Multi Cup Facebook Page

The SeaCart 26 Team

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WYRF 2013 in the Limelight

The Vendee Globe winner, Francois Gabart, key note speech was both inspiring and interesting

Having Francois Gabart, Ian Percy, Ken Reed, Dawn Riley, Mark Turner, Knot Frostad and parts of the Americas Cup, ISAF, yacht designers, SCA Racing Team, Volvo Ocean Race and Vendee Globe management (to mention a few) on stage make the World Yacht Racing Forum stand out as the sailing forum to visit. As a Swede I feel fortunate we have the forum on our home turf for the second year. The time between sessions is when you have time to network and speak to people you don’t meet IRL anywhere else. A highly recommended forum whether you are a sailor, organizor or a sponsor looking at the sailing industy as a possible investment.

The SeaCart Team

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SC26 at the Kings Cup 2013

Onboard ‘‘Sweet Chariot’’ – The first pimped SeaCart 26 trimaran having a 2m longer mast. The standard jib (forstay) was removed in favour of a dyneema forstay around the prodder (bowsprit). Larger Jib and Code 0 on halyard lock and a furler at the bottom. Achieved better performance, especially  upwind, under 10 knots TWS. The Kings Cup is Asias largest and oldest regatta having a fine mix between sailing and shore activities. Wind is normally lower than 10 knots (hot 30 degree wind pressure) in average so the trend is to optimize and also special built boats for those conditions.

The mighty superlight supercat in the background rate lower than the SeaCart 26.

Plenty of good starts & rounding first at the upwind mark was not enough to beat the supercats.

The SeaCart Team

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Multi Cup Prize Giving Party 2013

The 2013 prize giving took place at the Whyshore HQ in Stockholm during the big racing season wrap up party. DJ, free drinks, light food got sailors and partners into a fantastic mode. A top of the line Sjöö Sandström clock was given to the winning team. For sure one of the finest prize on the Scandinavian sailing arena, Thank’s S&S! 2013 will be remembered as the light wind season but never the less a season having five competetive boats on the starting line fighting hard for the top spot. Having a blend of tight city and coastal navigational racing, that’s easy to reach, make sailors, partners and sponsors asking for more.

We have seen a wide spread of talent amongst the crew’s having Volvo Ocean Race, Whitbread Round the World, Americas Cup, Olympic and good one design sailors represented. We can see why racing an easy to handle state of the art multihull is interesting; It’s a new fast ball game for monohull sailors, like sailing version 2.0. A good sign for future is the wide spread of age having 16 to 60+ represented. Now the winter push darkness upon us in Scandinavia and we look forward to present the 2014 Multi Cup race calendar asap so we can plan our 2014 season. To quote an old sailing champ; ‘‘The older I get the faster I like to sail’’ // Paul Elvström. It’s not to late to join the class. Welcome!

Below a few pictures to embrace the 2013 season. Enjoy!

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Multi Cup 2014 Boat Offer!

Get your hands on one of our demo boats or a new boat for a super nice price. In addition you have to compete in the Multi Cup 2014. But that’s what you want anyway, right! Multi Cup 2014 Schedule will be posted in due time right here.

Link to Swedish high resulution pdf – Click here

If you like to know more send us an email today.

Don’t miss out on this special deal!

The SeaCart Team

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Folding Mast Up & Mast Raise System

Here the SeaCart 26 OD is ready for folding on the road trailer letting the shrouds take 80% of the float weight. We use whatever we have in our hands to get the boat on the road trailer. Most common are; slipway on road trailer or slings and a crane/forklift. Here we go;

One float folded. Ease out 20–40cm of the shroud when folding to get the float on the trailer. The weight is front heavy so we use an aluminium U-bar and a carpet dressed ‘‘skate’’ board having three centered wheels mounted on the backside that slide inside the U-bar. This system take preassure off the front folding man. On the U-bar outer end we use an aluminium T-support (or a alu. ladder as on the picture above). When folded secure the float with two slings.

Here a picture if you fold the port float first.

Both floats folded, the starboard slings are at display. Now mast down using A-frame system as you see mounted in the front of the picture.

Here we go. 3:1 purchase system hooked on the bowsprit – rope end leads to the winch.

Cover on before loading

Done and dusted – Ready for the road trip back to Stockholm.

or to Cannes in France!

Slipway launch using a road trailer and an Audi A4.

Forklift and slings. Mast in front the forks!

Use two blocks of styrofoam as stands. Easy to tip the boat from one side to the other.

The SeaCart Team


Multi Cup Stockholm GP 4

Stockholms Grand Prix at Riddarfjärden in Stockhoms City is famous for delivering a varity of wind shifts and change of derections within seconds. The five crews have to have their mindset open. A ’’keep calm and carry on’’ mode is recommended because a big loss can easily change to a great triumph before you know it. The tight sailing arena really test the crews skills regarding boat handling and gear changes. That’s the beauty of sailing here! With one point to second boat Team All Stars had their luck on their side 2013. Ever charging Outdoor Events, Anders Lewander at the helm, finished second. Fast runner up, Swedish Youth Challenge, having Sandra Sandqvist (in charge of one Nacra 17 olympic campaign) at the helm, showed good pace in the upper wind range this weekend (gusting up to 12 TWS).

Happy and tired champs. Saturday was a big night out.

Bridge and carbon art

From salt to fresh water in minutes. Hammarby lock south of the southern island.

30 horse power is all you need to travel real fast in no wind. Note the all down
curved foils.

The SeaCart 26 Racing Team

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